1. All eDiscovery Portal users who have access to criminal justice information (CJI) are required to have knowledge of and be aware of basic CJIS Security Policy principles. By agreeing to this user agreement, the registered user agree that they will only use CJI and CHRI for its lawful and intended purpose.

    1. For further information refer to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) Security Policy Section 5.2.

  2. The FBI CJIS Security Policy provides the minimum level of security requirements determined acceptable for the transmission, processing, dissemination and storage of Criminal Justice Information (CJI).
    1. CJI is the abstract term used to refer to all of the FBI CJIS provided data necessary for law enforcement agencies to perform their mission and enforce the laws, including, but not limited to: biometric, identity, biographic, property, and case/incident history data.
    2. The intent of the CJIS Security Policy is to ensure the protection of the above CJI until such time as the information is either released to the public, for example, crime report data, or is purged or destroyed in accordance with applicable statutes, or used for other lawful criminal justice purposes.

  3. CJI must be properly handled throughout its life cycle whether at rest or in transit. CJI may only be disseminated to authorized recipients. CJI must be marked or identified as such and viewed only by those persons authorized to do so.
    1. CJI must be shielded from the intentional or unintentional view of non-authorized personnel.
    2. Improper access, dissemination, handling, or use of CJI is serious and may result in administrative sanctions including, but not limited to, termination of services, civil penalties, and state or federal criminal penalties.

  4. Access to and use of Criminal History Record Information (CHRI), commonly known as "Rap Sheets" is for authorized criminal justice purposes only, including investigation, arrest, or criminal justice employment. It is not to be used for licensing purposes. By agreeing to this user agreement, the registered user agree that they will only use CHRI for its lawful and intended purpose.
    1. Dissemination is authorized if the other agency or party is an authorized recipient.
    2. All CHRI must be afforded maximum security. It is intended for use by authorized criminal justice agencies for criminal justice purposes.
    3. New Jersey Computerized Criminal History (NJCCH) can only be accessed for a criminal justice purpose: Investigation, arrest, criminal justice employment.
    4. Interstate Identification Index (III) can only be accessed for a criminal justice purposes.

  5. Utilizing publicly accessible computers to access, process, store or transmit CJI is prohibited. Publicly accessible computers include but are not limited to: hotel business center computers, convention center computers, public library computers, public kiosk computers, etc.
    1. For further information refer to the FBI CJIS Security Policy Section 5.5: Policy Area 5: Access Control.

  6. According to the Office of New Jersey Info Security, no personal devices are permitted to attach to any New Jersey network. This does not include access to this site for the purpose of the authorized down loading of discovery materials.
    1. Users must be aware of the potential risk of opening E-mail attachments from unknown sources, (virus, malicious code, computer security incident).
    2. b. Users must be aware of the potential risk of social engineering: The act of manipulating people to perform actions or divulging confidential information. Prior to releasing any CJI, the identity of the requestor and their right to receive the information must be verified.

   I agree to abide by the above User Agreement when accessing and handing CJI through this site.